An Endoscope is an optical instrument with bundles of optical fibers that transmit light from a source outside the body so that one end can enter passages and cavities inside the body for visualization of these structures in utmost detail. The advantage is that the intensity of light at the source is transmitted almost with no loss of intensity to the end of the cable into the interior of the organ. This allows detailed visualization and also video photo recording at the tip at absolutely close quarters. The heat of the light source is not conducted and therefore the light source is referred to as a cold light fountain. Certain instruments also carry extra tubes for suction and tubes to guide instruments for biopsy of pathologies deep in. Also it replaces rigid tube endoscopes of the past.. Flexible cables can see around bends and corners. Flexible endoscopes are also used when required.

Endoscopes for visualization of the Ear, Nose & Throat passages

image0061Endoscope with cold light switched on.

Light source – cold light “fountain” supplying illumination
through light fibers from source to the end of the cable

Recordings are stored in discs for study later, comparisons
over a period of time, second opinions etc.